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Dr. Mari Casares received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Boston College, and is a licensed psychologist in the State of Florida. She has a holistic approach to psychotherapy taking into consideration the various factors that interfere with happiness and peace of mind. She has been in practice for over 15 years and has experience providing individual and couples psychotherapy , consultation and supervision.

Dr. Casares specializes in helping people who are struggling in their relationships; whether these are friendships, family, work or romantic in nature. Dr. Casares was born in Venezuela and speaks Spanish fluently. She has an interactive style and establishes a safe space for her clients to feel comfort when addressing their problems. She is sensitive and takes into consideration factors that affect and contribute to the unique way people approach life such as childhood experiences, culture, and spiritual beliefs. Dr. Casares describes her career as a calling and something she is passionate about. Over the years, she has helped her clients by empowering and assisting their quest to reach personal and professional satisfaction.Dr. Casares works with Salud Counseling and Psychological Services to provide psychotherapy, counseling and consultation.