Individual Psychotherapy

The search for a psychologist begins when you realize that something in your life needs to change. Changing to adapt to present situations can be very difficult. Fear, sadness and anxiety can sometimes cloud our ability to clearly see the multiple options ahead. Dr. Casares works closely with her clients to identify options and resources within yourself and the environment to promote healthy transitions. While change in life is inevitable our approach and management can make a real difference to our well-being. Dr. Casares creates a safe and nurturing environment for you to embark upon a new journey.

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Couples and Marital Counseling

Being in a healthy and caring relationship is important for our emotional and physical well-being. However life happens and whether it is stress, pain, or a crisis our relationships suffer. Sometimes the emotional distance widens leaving couples disconnected. Often forgetting why they ever came together. Dr. Casares provides a safe environment for couples to identify the source of the issue. She likes to assist her clients in identifying what contributes to the problem and how the obstacles that interfere with intimacy can be addressed and repaired. Dr. Casares has helped couples in reestablishing intimacy, understanding each other’s needs and communicating more effectively. 

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Dr. Casares is committed to addressing mental health issues in community settings as she strives to make counseling and psychotherapy accessible to everyone. As we know not everybody is able or willing to seek therapy when they need it. Yet as leaders and professionals in our community we are often faced with someone who needs a little more care and attention. Whether you are a teacher, pastor, boss, or doctor you may need the help of a psychologist to understand how you can assist a disgruntled employee, a difficult student or a parishioner in pain. If you are in this kind of position call Dr. Casares and ask for a professional consultation her expertise in mental health will be helpful.

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